The Branding Concept And Items

Brand and Branding should not be new words to you as I am sure you must have come across it being used in multiple occasions. A brand is defined as either a design, symbol, name or any other feature which is aimed at distinguishing between two or more rival products or companies. Also, branding is the combination of marketing and communication strategies that help to distinguish between two rival products or companies in either the same or different categories.

Differences Between Branded Products And Unbranded Products

Branded Products:

Names such as APPLE, MICROSOFT, Good day, GUCCI, ferrari, porche, GOOGLE, NIKE, etc are names of well known companies around the world. Products from such companies are examples of branded products; products which are known by their name, reliable names that give customers a confident boost, makes them comfortable and relax about the idea of using the product due to its high value and quality. Because of these high qualities and expectations, these products tend to have high price tags and they still sell very well in the local markets and international markets.

Unbranded products:

Take for example, you give two cars to two friends for a test drive. One is a porche branded car and the other is just an unbranded or an untrusted brand of car. If you observe the behavior of your two friends, you will find the one with the porche branded car to be very excited, happy, eager and more comfortable. On the other hand, the one with the unbranded or untrusted brand of car will probably spend all his time envying and wishing he was the one testing the porche car. Same reaction will be seen in situations like parties or visits where branded cookies like Good day cookies are served rather than unbranded cookies. Satisfaction, comfortability and joy will be the reaction you will get from those who ate the branded cookies, where as, unsatisfaction and some other negative reactions will be the expressions you will get from those who ate the unbranded cookies.

To finalize, branded products will create a trust worthy environment for a customer. If your product is not branded, customers will lack trust and may not go for your product.